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Gender exploration, physical exasperation, breast manipulation.

Stuck between the gender binary and armed with only a pair of boxers and a photo of a male model, one individual sets out on a violently hilarious attempt to fit.

S/HE/IT HAPPENS is a one-person gender-messing physical comedy show exploring gender expression and identity through slapstick and wit.
Produced by Purple Theatre.
Previous performances

3.7.17                   The Drayton Arms, London, UK
16-20.7.17         The Greater Manchester Fringe, UK
30.7.17                The Birmingham Fest, UK
27.8.17                The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK
8.12.17                NouNous Festival, Helsinki, FINLAND
26.12.17             Oulun Työväen Näyttämö, Oulu, FINLAND

Upcoming performances
4 & 20.5.18                  Wandsworth  Arts Fringe, UK
7, 17 & 25.5.18           Brighton Fringe, UK
Further performances this year to be announced soon.
For booking enquires please email contact@mirandaporter.co.uk

“What a wonderful clown show. Witty, imaginative and bold. Really impressive."

"Bold, brave and bare-boobed. Evoked some very current gender topics. Bravo!"
 "Warm, endearing, charming."
"Excellent, loved it. Very funny. Excellently observed and subtle."

Audience reactions.

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