1. Credit: Alice Leclerc
  2. Credit: Alice Leclerc
  3. Credit: Amber Beardow
  4. Credit: Alice Leclerc
  5. Credit: Ali Roberts
S/he/it Happens

Stuck between the gender binary and armed with only a pair of boxers and a photo of a model, one individual sets out on a violently hilarious attempt to fit.

A one-person gender-messing physical comedy show exploring gender expression and identity through slapstick and wit.

Written, performed and directed by Miranda Porter.
Upcoming performances

31 July - 3 August 2018              Camden Fringe, London, UK   -  Tickets available here

Previous performances

13.6.18               ESAD Murcia, SPAIN
7 - 25.5.18         Brighton Fringe Festival, UK (part of WINDOW showcase & sell-out run)
4 - 20.5.18         Wandsworth Arts Fringe, UK
21.3.18                Nottingham Playhouse, UK
26.12.17             Oulun Työväen Näyttämö, Oulu, FINLAND
8.12.17                NouNous Festival, Helsinki, FINLAND
27.8.17                The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK
30.7.17                The Birmingham Fest, UK
16 - 20.7.17       The Greater Manchester Fringe, UK
3.7.17                   The Drayton Arms, London, UK